the all-and-nothing museum

prof. thomas hundt / erich bernard / eva-maria henschkowski / gg kirchner 

the museum functions as a cross-section and accommodates a multitude of different media. Our approach to the museum of the future has been portray it in itself as an exhibit. One of the principles of a museum of a museum is that objects are taken out of their normal context and displayed in a diffrent setting, which gives them a completely different meaning. We have experimented with the idea of merging exhibit, display case and museum.

adato 04I10 „Betreten verboten – Nutzbauten nutzen“ will be released first of December

adato 03I10 „Farbe bekennen“ will be released first of September

hvpLAB does the exhibition design for the CENTRE D`INFORMATION DU PARC NATUREL „DREILÄNDERECK“


pattern of LUXEMBOURG EXPO PAVILION 2010 SHANGHAI designed by hvpLAB

music & architecture

11.07.2010 – 11:00 / 15:00

United Instruments of Lucilin / Hermann&Valentiny&Associés

organisation of the event United Instruments of Lucilin / hvpLAB

design of the booklet hvpLAB